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The SECURE Act 2.0 and Its Impact on College Students and Recent Graduates

The SECURE Act 2.0 of 2022 made many changes that affect various segments of society, including young people. The purpose of this article is to address two major provisions of ... >>


The Benefits & Purpose of a Trust in Estate Planning

Clients frequently ask whether they should leave their assets in a trust. My answer: It depends. >>


Don't Overlook Life Insurance in a Qualified Retirement Plan

Life insurance in its basic form is a death benefit to provide financial security to loved ones, those you care for or who are dependent on you — a way ... >>


Facing Fear and Building Confidence

How do you think confidence plays a role in overcoming fear and taking action? Have you ever practiced "fake it till you make it" to boost your confidence in a ... >>


Family Office Regulation in Light of the Archegos Fallout

In late March 2021, Archegos Capital Management and its investment bank financiers started liquidating huge stock positions, causing significant turbulence in capital markets. >>

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Official Forecast: 2023 Social Security COLA

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the CPI-W for August, which means were getting closer to determining 2023's Social Security COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment). 

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